We are taking the construction industry into the 21st century
VESTIGAS is a young and fast growing company from Munich. Over the years, we have analyzed the industry and have now developed a perfectly tailored system.
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Our vision

In 10 years, there will be no more manual steps in supply chains.
VESTIGAS sets the standard for such a state-of-the-art supply chain by fully automating the transmission, signature and processing of delivery documents.

We have set ourselves the goal of handling a total of 100 million deliveries by 2025, thereby saving valuable time and costs for all parties involved.

Our values

That's Us!

Business Dev. | HR

Paul has an M.Sc from TUM and has helped shape the startup idea from the beginning through a research project.

Paul emperor


Sales | Customer Success

After his M.Sc. graduation from TUM, he founded a consulting company together with Paul.

Julian Blum


Backend Development

Yannick studied computer science at TUM and gained startup experience at several Unicorns during his studies.

Yannick Gehring


Product Management

Nicolas has two master's degrees from TUM and is a specialist in AI development.

Nicolas Blum


Backend Development

Marc is an important part of the backend team. As long as there's enough Paulaner Spezi in stock, you can find it in the office until late.


Frontend Development

Claudius has been supporting in the area of app development since the beginning. He is Flutter's best friend and enemy at the same time.


Sales | KAM

Kevin is a key account manager for well-known companies. Its Bavarian charm is hard to resist.


Backend Development

Luca contributes to the development of the product as a full stack engineer. He provides the team with good coffee and Italian food.


Support | HR

Eva takes on tasks in customer support and HR. When she's not in the office, you can find her paragliding.


Frontend Development

Johannes takes on app development tasks. He enriches the team with his Baden style, when he is not overtaking everyone on the ski slope.


Business Development

Philippe is exploring new use cases in business development. In addition to his work, he is also convincing in front of the camera.



As a KAM, Aliosha takes care of well-known clients. In addition to his work, saving the turtle is a central concern of his.


Backend Development

Alexander takes over tasks in the backend development. In the summer you can find Alex especially on the beach volleyball court.


Backend Development

Isabel mainly takes care of the interfaces to third-party systems. To clear her head, she prefers to go horseback riding with her horse.


Backend Development

Yannick takes over tasks in the backend development. In addition to his programming skills, he is particularly convincing as an amateur gardener.



Elena mainly supports in Sales and leads the implementation projects. Besides work, she loves to go swimming and travel.


Feel Good Manager

So that it is guaranteed not to be boring in the office, Benn always shows himself from his best side.


Die wichtigsten Meilensteine der Gr├╝ndungsgeschichte

First acquaintance

During their studies at the TU Munich, Paul and Julian got to know each other early on. Since then, they have worked closely together and founded two companies together even before VESTIGAS.

Academy Consult M├╝nchen e.V.

All founders become members of the student consultancy Academy Consult M├╝nchen e.V. between 2012 and 2015. In the following years, they started many joint projects.

Foundation of Innovent Consulting GmbH

As a logical consequence of years of consulting experience, Paul and Julian founded Innovent - a company specializing in process optimization in the construction industry. Yannick and Nicolas also took on central roles in projects.

Research project for automatic delivery note processing

During his time as a consultant, two areas of activity emerged as particularly inefficient: delivery note processing and invoice verification. Together with Germany's largest construction companies and the Technical University of Munich, an extensive research project was launched to develop practical solutions.

Foundation of VESTIGAS GmbH

On 11.08.2021 the time had come: the official foundation of VESTIGAS GmbH was completed. Just a few months after its launch, the product was able to win over numerous customers and users. Since then, VESTIGAS has been on a strong growth course.

Our supporters

From the industry and beyond, VESTIGAS is very well received and is actively supported by numerous companies and organizations

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