Never process delivery bill or check invoices again
Whether you are a construction company, a mixing plant or a production facility, VESTIGAS eliminates your efforts and costs in processing delivery bills and checking invoices.
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Never process delivery bills or check invoices again
Whether you are a construction company, a mixing plant or a production facility, VESTIGAS eliminates your efforts and costs in processing delivery bills and checking invoices.
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Why VESTIGAS is just right for you


Big savings

Extensive research projects have confirmed savings of several euros per delivery bill.


No implementation effort

Download the app, register, done! The existing system landscape does not need to be adapted.


Complete independence

VESTIGAS is an independent company and not a market participant – this means that there are never any false interests.

The core functionalities of VESTIGAS

Significantly Less effort in the delivery process due to the exchange of structured data

As soon as the building materials are loaded at the plant or warehouse, all delivery data can be viewed in real time by those carrying out the work on the construction site. Once the truck arrives, the data is exchanged contactlessly via mobile devices and signed in a completely legally secure manner at the touch of a button. Any adjustments, for example due to defective or missing goods, can be processed with VESTIGAS without any effort.

Automated Invoice verification without adapting existing systems

Once an invoice has been created by the supplier, it is first imported into the VESTIGAS system. There, the invoice is automatically fact-checked in real time and compared with all delivery data. The result of the audit is represented by a Trusted VESTIGAS seal on the invoice. Subsequently, the verified invoice is forwarded by e-mail to the purchaser’s DMS (if available) as usual.

VESTIGAS is used by numerous customers

What our customers particularly appreciate about VESTIGAS

Full flexibility

The VESTIGAS app offers all the possibilities of a paper delivery bill – especially for last-minute changes or adjustments (e.g. damaged material or downtime).

One solution for everything

From bulk materials to general cargo to waste disposal – all materials can be processed with VESTIGAS.

All data at a glance

Real-time evaluations can be viewed by all parties in the supply chain at any time and from anywhere.

 Exploit discounts

Thanks to automatic invoice verification in real time, invoices can be imported directly into the payment run if desired, thereby reliably taking advantage of cash discounts.

Relief for the construction site

VESTIGAS completely eliminates the need to sign individual paper delivery bills with the truck driver, collect them at the construction site and hand them over to the office.

No fixed costs

We only invoice transparently per fully processed delivery bill – the use is therefore not associated with any cost risk.

VESTIGAS explained simply in a few moments

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Calculate your cost savings now

To calculate savings, simply enter the annual number of incoming delivery bills and invoices. The values are derived from extensive research projects with Germany’s best-known construction companies.

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You ship or transport goods?

VESTIGAS also offers you numerous advantages as a supplier or forwarder – discover them now.

You would like to convince yourself of VESTIGAS?

It works that simple!

Step 1
First acquaintance

During an initial, non-binding meeting, we will present VESTIGAS to you in detail and address your individual requirements and needs.

Step 2
Setting up a pilot project

Only through operational use can a system really be assessed. Therefore, we offer you a non-binding pilot project. Together, supplier, time period and user will be determined.

Step 3
Execution of the pilot

Since with VESTIGAS is no effort involved in the introduction, the pilot project can start shortly afterwards. The duration is usually 2-3 weeks, depending on the delivery frequency.

Step 4
Evaluation and roll-out

Once deliveries and invoice verification have been piloted with VESTIGAS, the project is evaluated in a joint meeting. Adaptation requests can be taken into account and VESTIGAS can then be rolled out to the entire company.

Join us for a conversation!

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